Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi everyone! We are on for Tuesday at 3 pm. I will have to run about 10 minutes before 5 but we should be ok for time. I have only received a couple posts on this blog - everyone should put at least one post a week up, related to the readings, your final project or just something related that you have come across.

We will be skyping Charlie for the class.

Prior to the class please take some time to look over the work of Ken Price
This site is on the pregnant Madonna - I happened on this very painting in this very town while driving around Tuscany on a Piero della Francesco pilgrimage (everyone has to do this at least once in their lives) and it was an amazing experience.

Here are Garth Clarks list of objects:

amazing how cheaply you can buy this important piece.

Oppenheim's Fur -lined cup

The above is an interesting site on MOMA's collection.

One of Gaudi's buildings:
for Duchamp's Fountain - another interesting site.

And as far as Edmund De Waal is concerned -
he has publications listed on his site

and this site,41,103
Lists him and many other good ceramics critics.

Lots to investigate.
I look forward to receiving your critiques and your first draft abstracts on Tuesday as well. Bring your calendar - we will try to set up a time to meet individually re. the abstract.
And of course - more articles to read - found one in the latest CA+P to read but we need another one, someone we have yet to read either on the list or someone totally new.

One more thing to consider - having the June 15 class which is the last before I leave and you begin work on your final projects at my house and later as a pot luck?

See you Tuesday. Anna

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