Sunday, May 30, 2010

Identity Crisis

As it has been said, this article seems like a skimming over of Postmodernist Ceramics, and it is. This might be due to the fact that it is a excerpt from De Waal's book. I found a greater depth from the article by reading up on the artists he highlighted and I came across an interesting quote from Grayson Perry where he says pottery is the perfect medium for his social commentary:

"Pottery is not shouty. They're small, and you have to get close and examine them. People get seduced; they see a pot across the room and have an idea of what a pot is, but the pots are not as benign as they think."

The first time I came across Perry's work was not through a ceramic source. I would like to pose the question, does ceramics "claim" Perry? I don't see a cross dressing, decorator of earthenware pots rubbing elbows beside a wood kiln with some of ceramics' "greats". Invite me to that party.

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